How to Deep-Link to the Broke Straight Boys Full Tour

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Posted by IntenseCash on March 25, 2014

Hello Everyone,

If you haven’t already heard, we have a new “full” tour which is a very similar version of our actual members area, Broke Straight Boys. Conversions are great because it showcases our 1500+ pages of our members area and even shows a sample of all of the content we have to offer. You can now deep-link or link directly to a page through our NATS system. Here is the step by step instructions on doing so:

How to deep link to the Broke Straight Boys Full Tour:

First, login to your IntenseCash account and be sure to setup any campaigns you wish to track and grab your link code from “ad tools” then “linkcodes” choose the tour: Broke Straight Boys Tour 2 / FULL


-Take your NATS code (this is just an example code, find you specific code on your NATS account)

-Then add a forward slash after the link /

-Then add everything after the tour on the page you want to link, replacing the directory /full/ because the NATS code is already pointing to this directory.

-For example if you want to link to this page:

The correct link would be:


Here is the final working link with the last forward slash “/”