Broke Straight Boys TV Official Press Release and Trailer

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Posted by IntenseCash on July 18, 2014

Broke Straight Boys TV Official Trailer

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Trailer Released for New Reality TV show Addresses Controversial “Gay for Pay” Porn Industry


New Show Provides A Behind the Scenes Look into Controversial Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

A trailer for Broke Straight Boys’ new reality show leaked two weeks ago by a model garnered over 100,000 views and positive feedback on YouTube and was disseminated across the web after trending on the social media site Twitter. In response, the official trailer for the upcoming reality show was released today ahead of schedule.

The show focuses on straight men that create explicit gay films and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform. Although no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boy TV a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.

Spotlighting the various people involved in this taboo and unconventional lifestyle, the show examines the dynamic relationships between Mark Erickson, owner of BluMedia and, his staff, and the models. Every month Mark houses a select number of these straight young men in his multi-million dollar mansion while they do scenes at a nearby studio. As dysfunctional a family as you will ever find, this group of colorful characters will keep viewers mesmerized at every moment.

The industry is shrouded in controversy, but Erickson, believes people are unfairly judging his creation. “There are a lot of people who have a negative view of the entire gay for pay business, but these are grown adults who are capable of making their own decisions. There are plenty of positives that I believe the show will help showcase. We have brought guys off the streets. We have models that were homeless and this helped them get back on their feet. Society is quick to label the models as gay without knowing their circumstances.”

Many critics believe it is nothing more than a marketing tactic., Critics argue that these boys are really just conflicted gay men who are packaged to fulfill the “unattainable” straight boy fantasy. The new reality show delves deeply into the subject to answer the question once and for all.

“Critics often don’t believe that we’re straight, but in certain circumstances, a lot of us need the money so bad that you do what you have to. It becomes less of an issue about sexuality and more about survival. When you have no money… can’t buy diapers for your kid… you’ll do what it takes to provide for your family”, says performer Jimmy Johnson. “I’m supporting my family and that’s what a real man does. It would take me months at a fast food restaurant to make what I do in a weekend.”

Erickson was initially shocked a model released the rough cut of the trailer but stated, “Due to the popularity of the leaked trailer we decided to leave the video up. The response to the trailer was overwhelming and we’re excited our fans enjoyed it”. The series, produced by Hot Mess Productions and Loyal Productions, is currently involved in network discussions and will debut later this year. “We wanted to find the right home for the show and we are very close to making an official announcement,” says Erickson.

The question remains, how will the rest of the world react?

Viewers won’t be able to look away, even when they want to, as the show follows these Broke Straight Boys rehearsing scenes in the studio, discussing their unbelievable perspectives on life, money, and the justifications for doing gay for pay on film. “We’re just like one big dysfunctional family, except that we have sex with each other”, says performer Kaden Alexander. “Broke Straight Boys is like my second family”.

The official trailer is available on YouTube:

Based in Denver, Colorado, BluMedia is an independent media production company. BluMedia specializes in entertainment and has become a leader in the gay adult industry with a stable of sites including, and Additionally, the company also specializes in experiential design, brand development, and production for web, print, mobile, and broadcast television.

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