Mobile Traffic Redirect – Make More Money!

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Posted by IntenseCash on September 1, 2014

We added a new sales tool for those who are missing a mobile design on their own websites or simply want to forward their mobile traffic for more money… We created a simple easy to add redirect so you can send your mobile traffic to Broke Straight Boys or CollegeDudes to rack in the cash.

Copy this code below starting with < script> and ending with < script> in the header section of your PHP or HTML pages, typically your index.html page and other header pages of your website. Add in-between your < head> and < head> tags.

Copy entire code below: – Line highlighted below swap with your own link code.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
if(mobilecheck()) location.href=''

Simply change your unique NATS link code above with your own link code under your IntenseCash admin page. If you need any assistance please let us know!